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If your property does not have municipal sewage and requires an on-lot septic system, we offer complete perc testing and septic design services.


A perc or percolation test is a field test to simulate how waste water will travel through the soil once the septic is placed on it. Essentially a soil test that measures water absorption.

We coordinate perc testing with the appropriate township and all testing is witnessed by the township S.E.O. (sewage enforcement officer). Taking multiple factors into consideration we strategically choose the test sites. The sites are properly prepared and the test is executed by our environmental engineering partner, ensuring optimal results which provides us with an efficient, cost-effective system. All results are documented with the township and the test site is properly preserved.

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In order to complete the process, you will need a septic design and permit. The septic design illustrates and details the septic system including its main components. The septic tank accepts waste and water from the building. The solids remain in the tank and break down over time by bacteria. The water will pass through the tank and out to a drain field, a series of perforated pipe that sits below the soil, the water will trickle out of the pipes and down through the ground. Our environmental engineering partner handles the design and we take care of the permit acquisition.

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