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The lot evaluation meeting provides us with crucial information for the home design process and determining site expenses. Below are a few things we’ll be taking into consideration.

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Surveying the slope of the property from side to side and front to back will identify the proper garage and driveway side of the home, if a walk-out or daylight basement is suitable and if the lot will require fill material.


Is there a driveway curb depression and is it located in a useable location?

We locate any utilities that are on the property or nearby- water, sewer, natural gas and electric.

Is a well or septic system required - has perc testing been done and has the test site been preserved?

Will the township require on-lot storm water management such as a drywell?

We also take notice to the architectural style of any surrounding homes.

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Wood Panel

It’s helpful to bring along any information on the lot- deed, existing plot plan or subdivision plan, perc test results, etc


If you don't own a building lot, allow us to refer an experienced real estate agent. 

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